Flush Mount Wedding Albums - Indian Weddings

We offer one of the finest wedding albums in the industry - Epoca Albums.  This custom designed book is included in our "Storybook Package" and is also offered as an option on any of our other packages. The recent trend towards purchasing digital image files has often resulted in weddings being hidden away on some hard drive somewhere, never to be seen again. At Dubnoff Wedding Photography, we strongly encourage our Indian Wedding couples to include an album in their coverage. We know that all couples have the best intentions when purchasing the digital files from a wedding and fully plan on "doing something" with the photos down the road. Unfortunately, life gets in the way. Once couples start their families, purchase homes and get involved in careers the idea of making their own album goes on the back burner. Files can be lost, hard drives can crash and you can guess the rest.

Displayed below is a sample of the inside pages of one of our custom made flush mount wedding albums.  These albums are designed by us and then approved by you before going to print!.  After viewing this album slideshow, please return to our Indian Wedding Photography home page.


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